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The Leading Multi Business Service Provider

Stantix is the leading and also the only Multi Business Services Provider that can provide all the tools that a business requires, from basic to advanced accounting, Tech Support, Online Web and marketing, VOIP Cloud base PBX systems, Cloud Computing services and so much more.

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Stantix strives to be the most trusted Multi Business Service Provider in South Africa. With our national footprint of customers and providing only the best top-quality service, we can say that we leading the way for success with our customers.


Our Vision

To lead the example of top-quality service, becoming a trusted partner in all our customers.


Our Mission

The Mission is simple, to become the leading and most trusted partner in our customers business and help our customers succeed just as we want to in our business.


The story behind how our company was founded

  • We Founded (1991)

    Founded by Andre Du Toit the active owner of the business. Started as a Insurance Broker and expanding into other products that customers required.

  • New Services Added (2009)

    in 2009 we started exploring the new services we could offer to our customers. We became an accounting firm with other services to help our customers in their businesses.

  • Name Changed (2022)

    Du Toit en Vennote name changed to now known as Stantix, We rebranded the business appearance with a new modern approach to fit in the era we are in today.

  • Company Merged (2023)

    After Discussions Anvantec Technologies merged with us opening new opportunities for growth and new services and products to offer to our customers.

Our core values


We are always committed to improving the quality that can bring success and satisfaction to your business.


Always provide business-specific accessibility that can be used by people with various abilities and disabilities.


Openness will drive growth, innovation, collaboration, strong relationships in personal and professional contexts.

The values that shape everything better

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We believe that all the services that we can provide to your business will add value, reduce costs, and give you a work environment that will work for you.

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